phone: 646-883-2742
430 Way Ave
St. Louis, MO 63122

Sullivan Audition Judges
are distinguished artists
and professionals, including,
among many others

  • Susanne Mentzer
  • Charles MacKay
  • Anthony Fogg
  • Christine Brewer
  • Craig Rutenberg
  • Richard Gaddes
  • John Moriarty
  • George Shirley
  • Evans Mirageas
  • Bruce Donnell
  • Erie Mills
  • Marietta Simpson
  • Andrew Jorgensen

How to Apply

The Sullivan Foundation will not hold auditions in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Foundation hopes to offer auditions again in 2021 and will continue supporting eligible Sullivan Award winners during this challenging time.

Auditions are usually held each fall in New York City. Winners receive Sullivan Awards, which may be used for any career-related expenses. Winners are then eligible to apply for additional career grants for the next five years. These grants are typically designated as Role Preparation Grants to assist with the musical, dramatic, vocal and language preparation for new professional roles, or for existing roles in new languages.

The Foundation seeks exceptionally talented young singers who are still taking early steps, but in the judgment of the screening panel show promise for significant careers. Singers submit online applications including video selections to be considered for audition invitations. Applicants must have completed their academic training and should have sung at least one professional engagement with a known opera company, orchestra, or other organization using full orchestral accompaniment.

Application requirements will be updated when 2021 audition plans are announced.